CaterSense V2+ATSC
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Now you can have all the benefits and features of the CaterSense range of products with an inbuilt twin speed controller (ATSC).
The ATSC-02-08 is a purpose made twin speed controller unit which can control either 2 or 3 wire fan motors up to 7Amps FLC.
The installation of the system is simple, just fix to the wall, wire in the power supply (no need for separate feeds), wire in the two fans and gas valve, screw the CaterSense on to the front and you are ready to run the system set-up.
The commissioning is simple, just set your design MIN & MAX speeds as you would normally and press the set-up button, the controller will do the rest.

  • Reduces installation time by 70%
  • Self-Setup system
  • Proven sensor technology
  • Simple to use touch pad system
  • Clear status and fault indication
  • Wipe clean facia
  • Easy to install and commission



2 x sensor inputs

1 x fire alarm input

1 x remote knock-off input

1 x gas valve output 240Vac 4 Amp

2 x speed controller outputs 7A flc

2 x electronic overloads

2 x fan power monitor outputs