PM-icx Gas Interlock Range

PM-icx is the new and improved version of our Patented fan power monitor gas interlock. It has a number of upgrades as detailed below and is available in 10 or 20Amp with 1, 2, 3 or 4 fan monitoring channels as standard. Single and three phase models, as well as mixed phase units are all ex-stock. Still the market's leading product.

The new PM-2icx combines all the features of the orignal PM models with the following new features.

  • 5 Amp MCB Switch (Illuminated)
  • Over-current monitoring of both channels as standard and under-current
  • Adjustment pots and indication grouped for clearer setting
  • Larger power terminals (upto 4mm²)
  • Power links to gas output
  • Up-rated gas valve relay output (6 amps @ 240vac)
  • Additional switched output for ancillary equipment (such as electric fryers)
  • Selectable single or twin channel as standard (to allow for future upgrade of an input fan etc)
  • New low profile transformer
  • Backward compatible with previous range