WEEE Compliance


Does the equipment on your wall comply?

It’s over a year since all manufacturers, importers or re-branders of electrical and electronic equipment were obligated to register with the Environment Agency WEEE registration scheme.

Yet it is clear that some manufacturers, stockists, suppliers and customers alike do not understand the significance of their legal requirement and some still don’t know of its existence or what it covers.

Most of the equipment that we use or manufacture in the HVAC sector, such as sensors, power monitors, controllers and even bespoke control panels fall into category 9 “Monitoring and control instruments” as detailed in Annex A of the WEEE Regulations.

So the electrical contractor, making up a small control panel with air differential pressure switches must be registered with the WEEE compliance scheme or face prosecution by the Environment Agency.

The supplier and installer of the products must also ensure that the items being installed are WEEE compliant as they also have an obligation under due care.

WEEE compliance is an on cost to the manufacturer or distributor which is borne by the company and adds to the operational costs of the company concerned.

So in short, make sure that the equipment being supplied is compliant.

All of the products and control panels manufactured and supplied by Trent are compliant and our registration number is: WEE/FE0103WE